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        ”起于食 緣于布 ,天天作不(布)完(玩)”作為莫語momo's talk品牌主理人的簡介。代表了她對于生活本質的向往,由于對攝影的熱愛,從美食攝影的摸索中發現了家居配飾的重要功能,不僅僅為了拍照好看,更是為了是擁有儀式感的生活。因此主理人特別邀請了設計師沈墨與張建勇共同打造這個獨特的生活空間。


       "From the beginning of the food to the cloth, Playing cloth every day" as a brief introduction of Momo's talk brand owner. It represents her longing for the essence of life. Because of her love for photography, she discovered the important functions of home accessories from the exploration of food photography, not only for taking pictures, but also for having a sense of ritual. Therefore, the director specially invited the designer Shen Mo and Zhang Jianyong to create this unique living space.
          In the moment when I walked into the Mo language office, I was attracted by the unique temperament. This should be the ideal look: warm, real, and full of life. Bright white walls and green plants, the walls are decorated with art and crafts. Because the owner loves to collect quaint, age-appropriate items, the antique bicycles stacked in the warehouse are placed at the entrance, as if telling a story.
         Into the middle, the middle block makes a good distinction between the visitor line and the employee line. At the same time, the designer opens the wall and opens a fun window. The guests and employees who come to visit will not affect each other. To allow space to be independent and to connect with each other.
         Every piece of furniture in the office is specially customized. The conference table and wall shelf made of old wood from the market, and the desk made of environmentally-friendly materials, hold the owner's love and pursuit of life.
        The mottled walls are natural scratch marks, made into old-fashioned effects, overlapping with the historical sense of old wood, producing beautiful emotions and making the space more charming.
        For Mo language, food can not only bring a taste experience, but also all the sensory experiences. The food is carefully crafted into a beautiful hand-made plate, and then the decorations are placed. This kind of dining experience has a sense of ritual and the food becomes More attractive. At this point, the space has played a great role, and we hope that every place can constitute an interesting scene, making the work become a natural behavior like life.
        The black porous aluminum plate separates the kitchen from the staff area, and at the same time, it can be used for storage and to hang storage utensils, which increases the fun of the space.
        We hope that the whole space will show a pure and simple taste, while at the same time having enough natural atmosphere, leaving a space on the side of the wall, perfectly combining the wooden partitions with the ceramic products, as if it is a gentle dialogue in the space.

    Project Imaformation