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    Home of Kung Fu Star Xiang Zuo




    從中國功夫元素中提煉黑白灰的色彩,融合東方審美與禪宗思想,散發出靜謐、素雅的格調。 空間猶如一幅流暢的畫卷,每個角落在光影流動間都能產生種種詩意。






    Jacky Xiang’s home is located in Beijing, a city of rapid modernization with full of high-rise buildings, and the rapid-paced life of the people also presents the busy side of the city. Meanwhile, Beijing is a multicultural city where tradition and modernity coexist. The old hutongs, art galleries and fashion districts keep the city alive.
    Adhering to the concept of "simple and atmospheric house", weeding out excess stuff, designer Moye Shen hopes to give the space more spiritual connotation. Combined the hobbies with occupation characteristics of the master, a forest in an urban area is created with the elements of nature, Zen and Chinese kung fu, so that people can breathe and meditate quietly as if they are in nature.
    The house faces the CBD and Chaoyang Park areas of Beijing. The design of large open windows in the living room blurs the boundary between city and space. The same is true for the interior of the space: the projector and fireplace are hidden in a white wall, seemingly simple but subtle and moving, which is the best interpretation of nature.
    The colors of black, white and grey extracted from Chinese kung fu elements are a blend of oriental aesthetics and Zen thoughts, emitting a style of serenity and elegance. As a flowing scroll scroll, every corner of the space can produce a variety of poetry between the light and shadow fluxion.

    Project Imaformation