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    This is the finale of the Zhejiang Satellite TV Public Welfare Reconstruction Project “Almighty Home Emergency”. Hangzhou Southern Song Dynasty Imperial Street, a century-old house trapped in a torrential rain, the 93-year-old painter is reluctant to leave the home, the new craftsman pays tribute to the old craftsmanship, redrawing the new Taoyuan.

    The situation on the spot is very complicated. It needs to face the dilapidated buildings. Many of them can no longer be used. They also have to face the natural ecosystem of the mountain buildings, especially the water system. How can this rainwater and the water coming down from the mountains cause hidden dangers to people and buildings? To be used, it is a problem that needs to be seriously considered. It also faces the satisfaction of various functions of the indoor space. For example, there is no living water and sewage system, and it is very inconvenient to live without a toilet, such as heat insulation, ventilation, and There are hobbies and hobbies. Another important thing is that in this space, how do we achieve the integration of people, architecture, and nature, and how to talk, including how the grandfather's ingenuity expresses the meaning of our respect and inheritance through space. A one-month deadline, limited budget, three-day weather, design teams and construction teams to find ways to face and solve is a challenge. After everyone's efforts, it was finally completed.

    I hope that these are all integrated into one painting through the expression of design. The composition of the "one-and-a-half" of the four painters of the Southern Song Dynasty makes the picture full of artistic conception, the life of people, the natural wind and rain, the light and shadow of architecture are the contents of painting, nature is already rich, not too much Decoration, in the end, a picture of white background appeared. Carefully designed to create a "paint", to the grandfather, I hope he lives in the poetic and picturesque life paintings, and enjoy the well-being of the year. As a new craftsman paying tribute to the old craftsmen, painting in the painting, a hundred years of praise.

    Project Imaformation