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     大象藝術空間面積600㎡,整個空間色系受莫蘭迪油畫所啟發,將灰色調在空間中發揮到極致。我們認為空間、環境與人的關系環環相扣,能夠感染人們的情緒。在整個建筑中特別選擇了水泥與木頭的材質, 結合材料的創新運用,來盡量放大空間的質感,為人們營造出一種靜謐又自在舒適的氛圍。建筑的極簡性、構造的清晰度和材質的純粹度,體現出空間的藝術氣息與極致的工匠精神。大象藝術館有著烘焙區、繪畫教室、木作區、展覽區等等功能,設計師不僅在內部結構中四處連結,更將墻體打通,將大自然引入室內,互為輝映,傳達出了自然與和諧共生的理念?!按蠛凶印钡脑O計展現出藝術空間的獨特性,在此處極目遠眺,與遠方的湖面相互對應,像是與自然進行一場有趣的對話。大象藝術館便是如此,希望借以這樣一個獨特有趣的空間來激發人們對藝術的熱愛,提升想象力與創造力。


    The elephart space is 600m2, and the entire space color is inspired by Morandi's oil paintings, which bring the gray to the extreme in space. We believe that the relationship between space, environment and people can be linked to people's emotions. In the whole building, the material of cement and wood is specially selected, and the innovative use of materials is combined to maximize the texture of the space, creating a quiet and comfortable atmosphere for people. The minimality of the building, the clarity of the structure and the purity of the material reflect the artistic atmosphere of the space and the ultimate craftsmanship. The Elephant Art Museum has functions such as baking area, painting classroom, wooden work area, exhibition area, etc. The designer not only connects the internal structure, but also opens the wall and introduces nature into the interior, reflecting each other. The concept of harmony between nature and harmony. The design of the “Big Box” reveals the uniqueness of the art space, which is far-sighted and corresponds to the distant lake, like an interesting dialogue with nature. This is the case with the Elephant Art Museum. I hope that this unique and interesting space will inspire people's love of art and enhance their imagination and creativity.

    Project Imaformation